About Carmel

Carmel Ant is born out of the name Carmel Antoinette, the creator and fuel behind Carmel Ant. Propelled by the aesthetics of global cultures, pop culture, music, fashion scenes, and beauties of by-gone eras, Carmel has proven that art can’t only be beautiful but that it can be incorporated into the threads of daily life. Knowing how self-image becomes part of self-reflection is what has been the fire behind Carmel’s style being born, and how it is shared.

When asked what her main inspirations are, Carmel Ant replies, “To name a few: emotions, forgotten eras, lost innocence, history, Venice, Paris, New Orleans, carnivale, goth rock, rebellion, obscurities, and brown sugar.” Carmel continues, “I love the playfulness and beauty of masks and dressing up, like debutantes and the way there were no boundaries – an open road to endless possibilities.”

If you want to know more about Carmel Ant, visit her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter where she keeps her fans up to date on new tips, tricks, and events.

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