Carmel Ant


About me

My name is Carmel Ant and I haven’t always been a copywriter, but I’ve had an incredible creative journey that’s led me to become the unique copywriter I am.  


My creative heart led me to many things including a failed tattoo apprenticeship and a quick stint as a cellist for the Florida Orchestra, but I’m most fond of the following two journeys:


Creativity led me to a professional makeup artist career for 16 years with nationally & internationally published photo shoots, exhibits in art museums, and a resident artist badge at a national television network (Home Shopping Network).  


But right before I landed my HSN job, I had a client at the shampoo bowl tell me I should invent an idea I told her about. Absurd!  Time went by and the inventor itch never went away, so in between hairspray and lipstick I would sketch and study inventors old and new.  


Kismet brought some of the most influential inventors and entrepreneurs in my my chair while at HSN, and you better believe I Barbara Waltered my ass through the powder and the touch ups.  I soaked up every bit of knowledge from them and the host meetings, to the product placement, to the brand voice emphasis, to the direct response that IS home shopping.  I hung with pitch men/women, CEO’s, producers and writers that collectively worked to bring a product to life and sell the most possible.



Sometimes we don’t see the big picture until we’re on the other side, but this was a serendipitous coup.  A seasoned segue into my next journey of copywriting that equipped me with so much more than a textbook could offer.  With pride, I take my colorful experience that has continued to fuel my passion for creating, and apply it to helping brands connect with their audience while leaving a mark in their industry.

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